Tory Rail Rip-Off

Campaign by City of Durham Labour Party members against Tory Rail Rip Off

Labour Party members were out campaigning at Durham Rail Station on 2nd January. After another year of delays, cancellations and overcrowding on our trains, 2019 will see passengers short-changed again as the Tories allow train ticket prices to rise to record levels.

From January, the average peak train fare will have risen by 36% under the Tories – that means the cost of the average season ticket has now increased more than three times faster than wages. Train passengers now pay some of the highest rail fares in Europe. The Tory Government could have used its powers to cap fares, instead they have let private train companies off the hook again.

Labour will put passengers before profits by bringing our railways into public ownership and reform transport networks to deliver better services and value for money. Labour would invest the profits currently being made by private operators to improve the quality of rail services.

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