Stop School Cuts

Stop School Cuts

Since 2010 Schools across County Durham have seen significant cuts in their real-term funding from Government Grants. On average every Primary School in County Durham has seen a cut of £120,000 and every Secondary School on average is £600,000 worse off.

Imagine if funding had been maintained how many more teachers, support staff and resources would be available to your children.

Your children only get one opportunity for a School education and they deserve the best. For the last 9 years the Tories have been prepared to see the funding cut and inevitably class sizes have increased and teachers have been under greater pressure.

At the same time demand for Special Needs Education has been increasing while funding has been cut. County Durham used over £5 million of reserves to continue to meet these needs this year but this cannot be sustained.

Therefore, Labour Party members have been campaigning across our constituency raising the concern and asking for parents, grand-parents and carers to support our campaign for Fairer Funding for Durham Schools.