Framwellgate Moor & Newton Hall

Welcome to our Framwellgate Moor and Newton Hall page for both the council division and branch Labour Party, including Framwellgate Moor, Pity Me, Newton Hall and Brasside. We are an active Labour branch and our members are involved in many community groups and local activities. We are very proud of where we live and the many benefits of being so close to the centre of Durham.

While the growth in the Arnison Centre brings many economic benefits the additional traffic causes concern for residents. The development of Framwellgate School and science village is an excellent initiative. We recognise though there is a need for improved young people’s facilities outside of school and for better support for local community groups and associations.

Our M.P. Mary Foy has taken up many issues raised by residents and local members of the Labour Party are always willing to offer support. If you would like more information or have a local concern please contact us using the information below.

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Framwellgate Moor & Newton Hall Branch Labour Party
We are a growing group of Labour activists and supporters and always welcome new members, please contact:

Framwellgate Moor & Newton Hall BLP

John Hardman
Telephone: 07568 913246