Elvet & Gilesgate

The Elvet & Gilesgate council division takes in much of Durham city centre including the World Heritage Site which is considered one of the most breathtaking views in the world.

Mary Foy, our M.P. and local Labour members play active roles in protecting the historic nature of the City and balancing the need for green spaces with the potential benefits of new development.

The development of Walkergate has provided a significant economic boost to the City and provided new night time venues and a cultural centre at the Gala Theatre and Clayport library.

The division of Elvet & Gilesgate has a large mix of student accommodation and family housing. It is vital that we maintain a balance between student and family with sufficient low-cost housing and opportunities for people to move into larger family homes.

There are two Labour Parish Councillors for Elvet & Gilesgate, Victoria Ashfield and John Ashby, who are both active in the area, the local community and are always willing to support other residents with any concerns or issues they may have.

St. Nicholas and Gilesgate Branch Labour Party

We are an active group of Labour supporters of all ages and welcome all new members, please contact:

Toria Ashfield

Telephone 07815315560

Email: victoria.ashfield@gmail.com

Responsibility for the Elvet & Gilesgate Division is shared between St. Nicholas & Gilesgate BLP and Durham City West BLP.