Nevilles Cross Ward

Cllr. Esther Ashby is proud of what the Parish Council has achieved since its creation in 2018 while not imposing any increase in the precept.
As part of her work on the Planning, Environment and Business Committees she has:

  • headed the ‘Shhh!11pm-7am’ campaign for quieter nights in residential areas
  • helped design and deliver public signage for the proposed residential quiet zones
  • argued for more balance between the city’s night and day time economies
  • proposed the shop frontage awards scheme enlivening city streets in winter
  • applauded the new bus station; argued for a hop on bus for residents and visitors
  • helped deliver regular specialist cleaning of North Road and Claypath footpaths
  • worked with DSU on practical mutual support initiatives for residents and students

She has enthusiastically supported the work of other committees and the Full Council and is hoping to be re-elected so she can carry forward these initiatives and other plans with Elizabeth and Thomas.

Esther Ashby

Living in Durham since 1966 I have experience both as a councillor and ‘consumer watchdog’, particularly on planning, licensing and the environment.

I live in the City centre but studied and then worked in Nevilles Cross for a long time. After being a school governor for many years I helped design and run Queen’s Award winning Durham Pointers and the earlier Durham Community Enterprise and Stepping Up Durham Awards for new businesses. Currently I’m a member of the Durham Area Action Partnerships City and Villages Promotion Group.

I believe in the greatest possible involvement of residents in decision making and want closer partnership working by all stakeholders to deliver balanced communities around the City. It has been a privilege to represent the Nevilles Cross Ward since the Parish Council’s inception in 2018.

Elizabeth Williams

I have lived in Neville’s Cross since 1975 and love being part of this community. I have the time and the enthusiasm to work to make this area an even better place to live.

I am particularly interested in improving road safety with tighter controls of speed and HGVs so that we are seen as a community and not as a route into and through the city.

Careful and enlightened planning decisions are vital so that families, older people and students can live together in balance and harmony.

As your  parish councillor  I would  work with all  community groups to  give residents a safe and pleasant environment where we have attractive places to  meet and  play  together with green routes to walk, cycle and use public transport.

Thomas Jones

I’m excited to be running for the Neville’s Cross Ward of the parish Council in 2021. I’ve been resident in Durham for nearly two years now, and it is a beautiful place to live that deserves good care and excellent representation.

My aim for Neville’s Cross is to see it become an even more safe and enjoyable environment for people to run, walk, cycle, and play in, and if elected I will use my position to make that happen.