Maria Plews

Maria Plews

It is a great privilege to have been selected to stand as a representative of the Labour Party for our community.

I have lived and worked in the villages of Durham for over 30 years and have been proud to bring up my family here.  As a result, I have an insight into our community’s problems, priorities and requirements that is necessary for developing local solutions and taking action.

With the support of the Labour Party and its policies, I am optimistic that we can embrace local issues head on and shift the balance to support local working people. My background as a Cabinet Member has given me an understanding of the bigger picture and the required skills to give back to the people of our villages.  Having served as a County Councillor for over 9 years, as well as being a Cabinet Member; Maria is an experienced operator in local Government. 

She has established a strong track record delivering for local communities and fighting against the damaging cuts imposed by central Government.

Working closely with partnerships, parishes and community groups to stay in touch with local needs; she hopes to provide strong direction and a powerful voice for this proud community