Framwellgate Moor & Newton Hall

Your local Labour candidates for the Framwellgate Moor & Newton Hall ward, standing in this years Durham County Council elections in May. 

Jeanie Kellett

John Hardman

Ben Graham

Introducing Jeanie, John and Ben

As your local Labour team we are committed to working hard for everyone.

You don’t know us, and unfortunately, because of Covid we haven’t yet been able to come and introduce ourselves, but we understand the needs of this community. Our children go to local schools, we use the shops and have provided support to others during the pandemic.   We are a new team with fresh ideas, and we are committed to working hard for every person that we represent and will always be available to listen to you and any issues that you need help with.

We are running to help fix the problems that residents in our community face every day, big and small.  With your support and working together with you we want to:

  • Support the community spirit, ensuring everyone has the ‘right to food’ and no one suffers from isolation.
  • To better support the local businesses at the heart of our high streets to meet the demands of the digital age, ensuring that we keep the spirit of our town and village centres alive to better serve the communities that rely on them.
  • Helping to keep our community moving by fixing roads and pavements that have fallen into disrepair after a bad winter.
  • Keeping our parks and green spaces clean and safe, so that everyone can use them.
  • Working to improve the traffic flow around schools, to prevent congestion at peak times and parking blocking residential streets.
  • Tackle community safety and anti-social behaviour by working with the Neighbourhood Wardens and Police.

We would be proud to represent you and this community and would be grateful for your support.  There may be challenges before us, but together we can face them.

We are three genuine local candidates who just want to do the best for our communities and therefore would like to give you a little bit more information about ourselves.

Jeanie Kellett

I was born in the area and have lived here all my life apart from time at University.  I lived in Newton Hall for 7 years, my children go to one of the Schools in the Division and I teach at New College Durham. 

To me providing all children with an excellent education and the best opportunities in life has to be our priority as they are the future.  I want to provide my children with the best possible future and if I want it for mine, I equally want it for yours.

Funding to County Durham has been cut by an average of £1,000 per household, money which could have been spent on our services, supporting the economy or keeping our Council Tax Bills down.  This was a decision by LibDems and Tories in Government and we need a strong Labour Council to resist further cuts.

John Hardman

I live in Newton Hall with my wife Pauline and our 4 children.  I have always lived in the area, originally coming from one of the former pit villages. 

I did not have the best start in life, school was something I endured rather than enjoyed and I knew tough times while growing up.  I trained as a Chef and worked in many restaurants in the City Centre before realising that I could improve my education.  I therefore studied part-time, obtained qualifications by hard effort and last year I won a Scholarship to Durham University as a mature student, something I never dreamt was possible. 

Creating a fairer, better society is something I am passionate about, whether its volunteering in the community, maintenance at Beaurepaire Priory which we do as a family or ensuring the views of ‘ordinary’ residents like me are heard in County Hall and we get the services we require.  Anyone who knows me will tell you, I work hard and if elected as your Councillor I will never stop trying to do the best for you.

Ben Graham

I joined the Labour party because I want to be part of the change that I want to see in the world. 

If the last 12 months have demonstrated anything to us, it’s that the world’s biggest challenges impact us all at every level; whether it is the climate crisis, Brexit, a global pandemic, or any number of issues that weigh on the minds of people all over the country, the solutions will be found with the combined focus of national government and local community leadership. 

Communities are really important to me and supporting the residents of Framwellgate, Newton Hall and Pity Me to work together for a better future is what I am committed to.  My professional experience as a marketing and design specialist has taught me how to work with businesses, community groups, charities and other organisations to lead projects that work for everyone, particularly in regards to the environment. 

I will be pleased to work for and serve you all.