Foodbank Collection

Foodbank Collection by City of Durham Labour Party members

Britain remains the world’s 6th richest Country and yet 14 million people are living in poverty and thousands of families every week are relying on Foodbanks to survive.

The Labour Party believes in a fairer society with a more equitable distribution of income and a benefit system which does not penalise and sanction the weakest and most vulnerable. However, until we can change this system our members will offer support and solidarity to those in need.

Therefore during December our members supported a ‘reverse advent’ where instead of receiving a gift per day they put to one side a donation of food, toiletries or money for the Durham Foodbanks. Hannah Walter who launched the project said “the response from our members has been amazingly generous we have already made deliveries to two foodbanks and we now have 40 boxes or over a half-ton of items to donate and a staggering £750 has been raised. This will be shared between Sanctuary 21 who are operating an emergency overnight shelter in Durham and the Durham Foodbanks across the County.”

While Labour Party members have been incredibly generous there should be no need to do this. If you want to help us campaign for a fairer society and to bring an end to poverty then please support our campaigns, for more information please email Chris Turner

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