Elvet & Gilesgate

Victoria and Omide are your local Labour candidates for the Elvet & Gilesgate ward, standing in this year’s Durham County Council election in May. Highly-experienced Parish councillors, they understand the unique needs of the city and are hoping for your support in ensuring those needs are heard at the highest level.

Victoria and Omide are standing in the Elvet & Gilesgate ward this May. As your local Labour team they are committed to working hard to build a thriving economy that works for everyone.

This has been a difficult time for everyone, and we hope that you have not suffered too greatly through the pandemic. Support is always available to you from your local branch, and we are always there to help in any way we can.

We want to represent every member of the Elvet & Gilesgate community, so if you have any local issues on which you feel strongly, please let us know – again, we will do everything we can to help.

As we build up towards the elections in May, we want to highlight some of the important issues that need to be tackled.

COVID RECOVERY Initially, the biggest issues at county level facing the council will be the economic and psychological recovery from COVID. We fear that government will try to leave much of the recovery to local authorities, without providing the resources to do so – allowing us to raise council tax but not providing new funding opportunities. We want to be able to manage our recovery from the pandemic, without having to add further strain on the finances of the people of County Durham. 

We are both passionate supporters of fairness for all and have been fighting the effects of austerity for ten years, trying to improve the quality of life for those who have been hit hardest. We fear that the impact of COVID on the economy will continue to widen the gap between those who will benefit and those who will suffer, and we will support the council’s efforts to invest in the local economy as the county recovers from the impact of the last 12 months.

The Environment One of our biggest priorities is the environment, and putting a carbon neutral and greener city at the heart of everything we do. The new city bus station in Durham will help to improve vital transport links around the county, but we would like to see a commitment to a more environmentally friendly transport by investing in electric buses to reduce carbon fuels and air pollution.

Housing Re-energising the City of Durham also means we need to readdress the housing in the area, to change the imbalance of student accommodation and family homes to ensure a more sustainable, balanced community. This means retaining – and reclaiming – family homes, promoting affordable housing for all sectors of the community, but particularly for families with children and young people looking for their first step on the housing ladder. We want to improve the quality of student and rented homes by the compulsory registration of all landlords, and fighting to ensure proper maintenance of rented properties inside and out.

We want to see an increase in social housing and reducing homelessness, and promote the building of homes that are designed to meet the needs of all people, particularly older people and those living with disabilities.

These are not the only issues that are impacting our community, our city or our county, but they are front and centre of our mission as we look to re-energise the City of Durham, and the ward of Elvet & Gilesgate.

We have a draft proposal of our manifesto that you can view here, and have your say by completing our survey here: https://forms.gle/oK4r2RaW1SkhLkLC7

Or you can message us using our contact links above.