Durham City Neighbourhood Plan Referendum

Please vote “YES” in the Referendum on the Durham City Neighbourhood Plan on 6th May

The City of Durham Parish Council has done so many good things, and one of them is to take responsibility for completing the work on the Durham City Neighbourhood Plan that local volunteers had been preparing.

The Plan will provide local planning policies particular to the City, but it will not come into effect unless it is approved in the local referendum on 6th May.

The Neighbourhood Plan deals with matters of concern in the City in finer detail than was possible in the County Plan. It has been many years in the making, devised by local people for local people and in consultation with local people.

Just to be clear, the referendum is NOT about the County Plan, which is the strategic plan for the whole of County Durham and is already in operation.

This referendum is the final stage in the process; if the majority vote ‘no’ then the Neighbourhood Plan is extinguished.

The Plan’s policies are about protecting the city’s wonderful heritage, keeping Local Green Spaces free from development, supporting the city centre, encouraging affordable and social housing, and promoting community facilities.

You can see the Plan by visiting a special website https://dh1.org.uk/ that gives a brief summary of the Plan with live links to the document itself.

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