Coronavirus Support

Coronavirus the biggest challenge to our communities since WW2

In response, Labour-led Durham County Council prioritised support for vulnerable people, community groups, social care providers, local businesses and our schools and colleges. Labour are committed to continuing that support until every community has recovered “we are with you all the way”, that is why County Durham is safer in Labour hands.

  • 75,000 residents have been given essential support during this crisis.
  • An extra £1.4 million awarded to local community groups to support residents.
  • Thousands of households have received up to an additional £300 council tax relief.
  • A further £1.5 million has been provided to provide welfare assistance including Foodbanks
  • 800,00 items of PPE have been supplied to social care providers.
  • The Council supported 8,000 businesses by allocating grants and business tax relief
  • Labour Councillors have provided a £5 million Business Recovery fund to support local businesses re-open after lock-down
  • In October 2020 we provided 10,500 children with ‘free school meal vouchers’ after Tory MP’s voted against extending free school meals into half-term holidays.

If you need or know someone who needs support call the County Durham Together ‘community support hub’  Tel. 03000 260 260

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