Constituency Labour Party

Welcome to the City of Durham Constituency Labour Party.

The following pages provide information on the structure of the local Labour Party, your elected representatives and the officers, their roles and contact details. The Labour Party is a party of the people. People like you, who are committed to developing a fairer more just society, where prosperity and growth is equally held in respect with compassion and tolerance.

Here in Durham the Labour Party has a great history but we never take our past achievements for granted and we continue to strive to achieve the best for all residents, of all ages and from wherever you come. Our Councillors are committed to delivering the best public services possible, although the drastic Tory cuts make this task more difficult. We work with the NHS, Police, other Public Services, local Businesses and Charities to achieve the best possible outcomes.

It is our membership which makes us strong, we have over 1,200 members and many more affiliated and registered supporters and of course would welcome more, so why not join the the Labour Party now?

Constituency Labour Party Officers:

Sheila Williams
Tel: 07709720414

Membership Officer
John Ashby
Tel: 07986 867564

David Bell
Tel: 0191 340 6086

Women’s Officer
Brenda Stephenson
Tel: 07427613778

BAME Officer
Syed Ali Rizvi

TULO Officer
Simon Duncan

Social Media Officer

Mathew Teale
Tel: 07930 391277

Vice Chair (Branch Liason)
Angela Hankin
Tel: 07982825880

Campaigns Officer
Chris Turner
Tel: 07773 847672

Policy Officer
Brian Freeman
Tel: 07802 769084

Political Education Officer
Brian Freeman

Equalities Officer
Ann Bonner

Youth Officer
Nicholas Hayes & Jude Sellers

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