City of Durham Parish Council

Durham City Labour currently have 5 Parish Councillors, John Ashby and Victoria Ashfield representing Elvet & Gilesgate, Esther Ashby and Carole Reeves representing Nevilles Cross and Saul Cahill representing Durham South.  We have all worked hard and engaged in a positive manner with other City of Durham Parish Councillors since we were elected in 2018.  We believe together we have achieved a lot for the Parish Council and the residents of our City.

John Ashby, Victoria Ashfield and Esther Ashby are all seeking re-election along with some other excellent Labour members, John Lowe, Elizabeth Williams, Declan Merrington, Thomas Jones and Govind Nair.  Together we want to put forward a positive plan and vision for our City and therefore our pledge is to work to to enhance the City of Durham Parish by:

  • Making our roads safer, greener and more pleasant
  • Encouraging a variety of retail, tourism and hospitality venues
    across the parish
  • Working for a balanced mix of families, older residents and
    student households
  • Reducing night time noise and light pollution
  • Protecting and enhancing green spaces and play areas
  • Engaging with young people on issues that matter to them.

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To read more information about the individual candidates please click on the individual Parish Wards:

Durham South Ward

Elvet & Gilesgate Ward

Nevilles Cross Ward

Making our roads safer, greener and more pleasant.

The new bus station begins the move towards green electric buses. We will campaign for the earliest possible introduction of these and for improvement in bus routes and services through all parts of the ward to minimise short car journeys. We will use our influence to work towards better cycling and pedestrian routes, and we will continue to work towards innovative and sensible solutions to the speed and noise of traffic and the unnecessary routing of HGVs through the ward.


Encouraging a variety of retail, hospitality and tourism venues across the parish.

The post Covid recovery period provides a wonderful chance to revive Durham’s role as a centre of commercial and leisure activities.  We can do this by repurposing buildings for a mix of residential, retail and leisure uses; redesigning the high street to make it more attractive; extending the frontage awards to other festivals and introducing a new community benefit award for licensed premises.

Working for a balanced mix of families, older residents and student household

We will work with the County Council to make sure that landlords must pay a licensing fee, and are registered, to stop price gouging and help students and young families. We will also fight to ensure that landlords maintain their properties correctly, and work with the SU Tenants’ Union to hold landlords to account, ensuring that tenants are given a fair price and are treated well.

Reducing night time noise and light pollution.

We will support enforcement of existing rules around night-time noise and light pollution. We will develop promotion of “Shh 11 to 7” (quiet at night), as well as continuing to press for residential ‘Quiet Zones. In addition, we will closely monitor new drinks licenses to ensure that venues install appropriate measures to prevent sound and light spillage.

Protecting and enhancing green spaces and play areas.

The Labour Parish candidates want to protect our green spaces, reducing littering by placing more bins and organizing for more frequent clean-up and emptying of the bins. We will also ensure that play areas are well-maintained and attractive and review existing spaces to see whether any play equipment should be replaced or added. We will press for more outdoor exercise sites for adults. We will be proactive in defending the Green Belt at Aykley Heads.

Engaging with young people on issues that matter to them.

We will work with schools and other young people’s organisations to explore their ideas and how we can support opportunities for them to gain practical experience on environmental projects. We will also propose an annual award for under 18’s to mark innovative action on an environmental theme.  Finally, we will consult with local schools on measures to increase young people’s direct access to the democratic process.