Campaigning & Fundraising

The Labour Party is committed to create a society for the Many and not the few. Your Labour Party remains on alert for a general election and we will continue to campaign on local issues and the strengthening of communication with our members, supporters and community groups.

It is our members who can inspire and engage local people and communities. Only by us recruiting, encouraging, motivating and involving as many of our members as possible will we truly be reflective of the communities we serve. Every member can be involved in campaigns in one way or another and we need your involvement.

For us to effectively campaign we need to raise the necessary funds. Therefore fundraising is important and this also provides many opportunity for social events. All of our campaigning and fundraising is fun and enjoyable.

If you want to be involved with any of our campaigning or fundraising please do contact us.

Campaigns Officer                                                Fundraising Officer
Chris Turner                                                             Christine Fletcher
Tel: 07773 847672                                                  Tel: 07812 019189
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