Brian Freeman

Introducing Brian Freeman

I first came to Durham City as a student and have had the pleasure of living here since the summer of 1978.  Its beauty is undeniable, but so is the wonderful nature of the people who live here.  Durham has been good for me and it would be an honour if I could be given the opportunity as a Labour County Councillor to help to deliver policies that would be good for the city in return.

After receiving a post graduate degree for Durham University I worked with unemployed young people and taught for a short time at Nevilles Cross College. I then qualified as a solicitor, eventually becoming a Senior Partner in a well known regional firm. I worked primarily for Trade Union members who had suffered accidents or unfair employment practices at work.  Through this experience I gained valuable insights into the problems many ordinary working people face here in the North East.

In the time I have lived in Durham I have witnessed the damage done by Tory Governments to the people of this area. They first caused the widespread deindustrialisation without ensuring decent replacement jobs were created and since 2010 they have (at times assisted by the Liberal Democrats) pursued unnecessary austerity policies that have left our public services in a terrible state and have damaged the social fabric of the UK. It is a disgrace that those policies have seen food banks become the norm in such a rich country.  If elected I would strive to do what I can to protect the people of Durham from further Tory harm.

I am a socialist and have been a member of the Labour Party for over forty years.  I believe only a Labour County Council can effectively resist the worst excesses of the Conservative Governments uncaring social and economic policies.  Despite massive cuts to its budget by the Tories, the Labour County Council has done well in the circumstances to deliver for the people of Durham, especially the most deprived.   I would be grateful for an opportunity to play my part in implementing progressive, environmentally friendly Labour policies for the people of County Durham.