Belmont, Carrville & Gilesgate

Labour-led Durham County Council have recently approved the development of a new £34 million Belmont Campus to replace both the primary and secondary schools on the existing site.  Despite no Government funding and the initial plans being stopped by the LibDem/Tory coalition, Labour will now plan to go ahead with the development of a new state of the art campus with community facilities.

Your local Labour candidates for the Belmont, Carrville and Gilesgate, standing in this years Durham County Council elections in May are:

Christine, Pauline and Chris are standing in the Belmont, Carrville and Gilesgate county council division this May.  As your local Labour team they are committed to working hard to build a thriving economy that works for everyone.

They understand the issues affecting Belmont, and know how a Labour led county council working in partnership with the residents and businesses of Belmont can help tackle the toughest challenges we face.

As community candidates our pledges reflect a commitment to continue supporting all the residents of Belmont, Carrville and Gilesgate, as we slowly return to normal living, we will:

Pledge 1 provide help and advice to enable people to stay independent and safe at home, whilst addressing issues of social isolation

Pledge 2 attract investment to create job opportunities and reduce unemployment; support local businesses to recover from the pandemic;

Pledge 3 ensure our children’s right to receive an excellent education at school or home and to receive ‘catch-up’ learning

Pledge 4 support the campaign for the ‘Right to Food’ which the County Durham Conservatives recently rejected

Pledge 5 promote responsible dog ownership, care for the environment and improve pedestrian acces to our retail parks

Pledge 6 support community groups to resume activities when safe to do so and provide recreational facilites for all ages to help combat mental health issues.

Pledge 7 ensure the Bent House Lane developer provides the 25% affordable homes specified in the County Plan and contrinutes to public services to meet the needs of 1,000 extra people.