Victoria Ashfield

Victoria is running as a county council candidate for Elvet & Gilesgate to help tackle some of the biggest issues impacting the City of Durham and to ensure that the voices of our communities are heard and represented at the highest level.

A highly-experienced parish councillor for the City of Durham, with a passionate interest in education, climate and creating a fairer, more equal society for all, Victoria is looking for your support in the County Council elections this May.

  • Prioritising the Environment by putting carbon neutral, sustainable and greener ideas at the heart of everything we do. In 2019 Victoria spoke about this at the young people’s Climate Strikes, and has worked hard to follow that up through action as chair of the Parish Environment committee, appointing an additional Neighbourhood Warden for the city, cleaning up public areas and planting 300 trees, 7000 bulbs and 1000’s of plants. With your support Victoria hopes to be able to be a champion for a greener, cleaner Durham.
  • Creating a fairer society and improving the quality of life for everyone in County Durham. Having fought against the effects of austerity for ten years, and having seen the impact of COVID-19 on our lives and economy, Victoria is committed to fighting the widening gap in equality and will be supporting the council’s efforts to invest in the local economy as we rebuild and recover. 
  • Supporting schools to ensure every child gets the best start in life. With a background in education, as a senior officer at Durham County Council, as a director in Cumbria, and now as a governor at a special school in Durham, Victoria understands how supporting education – particularly for those pupils with special eduational needs – is imperative to ensure that our young people have the best start in life, and to give them a foundation to excel in the future.