Your local Labour candidates for the Sherburn division, standing in this years Durham County Council elections in May are your current County Councillors Bill Kellett and David Hall.

Bill Kellett

David Marshall Hall

Bill Kellett and David Hall

As your Labour county councillors we are committed to working hard for everyone in our different villages and communities.

From our phone calls and emails with residents and the assistance which has been requested we know the last year has been the toughest time most of us has ever experienced.

We can all be incredibly proud of the community spirit in our villages and the efforts of volunteers to support the most vulnerable with shopping, providing food parcels, or a friendly word.  We know that if it were not for the staff working in the NHS, social care, schools, local retailers, delivery drivers and many others that all our lives would have been far more difficult.

Over the last four years we have spoken to hundreds of residents, received literally thousands of emails and numerous telephone calls.  We try to respond to everyone who requests assistance and have been able to arrange support for many.

We both take an active role in our community, regularly attending parish council and community meetings.  David is co-founder and trustee of Durham Area Youth Project and a trustee of Sherburn Hill Hub. Bill is Chair of Governors at Sherburn primary school and a governor at West Rainton primary School.

We use our neighbourhood budgets and secure funding from other sources enabling us to provide support to many local projects:

We funded a reading room at West Rainton primary school and new play equipment at Sherburn primary school.  A new vibrant community building will open soon for Sherburn Hill Hub, and defibrillators have been provided in Low & High Pittington and West Rainton.  Kitchen and Hall improvements at Sherburn and Shadforth community centres were funded by us as well as parking and road schemes in Park House Gardens, Chantry Place, works at Sherburn ‘roundabout’ and the cross-roads at Sherburn Hill have all been our initiatives.

We know the recovery from the economic effects of Covid and years of austerity will require on-going support. That is why we want to see the creation of jobs a priority, to support our local businesses, to improve the opportunities for young people and to improve housing and transport.

We are proud to represent you, we will serve you all and would be grateful for your support now.