Report from the CLP AGM

The 33rd Annual General Meeting of the City of Durham Constituency Labour Party was held on the evening of Friday 14th July in County Hall. Over 70 voting delegates attended with each delegate having been chosen by one of the 9 Branches or Affiliated Organisations within the Constituency. In addition, other members attended as observers for what was probably one of the largest General Meetings in years.

The meeting congratulated our Member of Parliament, Roberta Blackman-Woods on her excellent victory and increased majority in the recent General Election and her appointment by Jeremy Corbyn to the Shadow Cabinet with responsibility for International Development.

Candidates for the 18 Constituency Officers and Co-ordinators had been previously nominated by one or more local Branch and this year there has been considerable involvement of our Members across the Constituency in making nominations. Every Branch had nominated candidates for different positions within the Constituency which shows the benefit of wider member involvement and a fair democratic process.

However, as in previous years a number of candidates withdrew their nominations at the Annual General Meeting so actual elections were only held for Chair and Women’s Officer with the other posts being uncontested. The full list of the Constituency Officers and Co-ordinators is below.

The new Chair is Angela Hankin, a NHS Nurse and Unison Steward. Angela said this “I will continue to build our CLP into an effective organization where all 2,000 members can feel engaged, where they have a voice and we listen to that voice, we foster an environment where ideas grow and are nurtured. We welcome our new members recognising the potential contribution they can make to the Party whilst valuing the work of our existing members and encouraging them to become mentors. We are the Party of the Many and not just the Few.”

The members at the meeting expressed thanks to previous Officers who had worked extremely hard for the Labour Party and Constituency, in some cases for many years, and we are all indebted to them.

The AGM went on to decide the Constituency would send 3 delegates to the 2018 National Conference and confirmed Affiliate and Branch delegates to the CLP Business Committee.

City of Durham CLP Officers (in bold) and Co-ordinators for 2017/18

Chair                                                                           Angela Hankin

Vice Chair & Branch Liaison Officer                       Aurelia Smith

Vice Chair & Membership Officer                            Mathew Teale

Secretary                                                                    Adrian Hedley

Treasurer                                                                    David Bell

Campaigns Officer                                                    Chris Turner

Fundraising Officer                                                   Hannah Walter

Women’s Officer                                                        Jessie Jacobs

Assistant Secretary                                                     Denise Harland

Community Group Coordinator                                   James Currie

Disabilities Coordinator                                               Diane Prested

Environment Coordinator                                            Esther Ashby

Ethnic Minorities Coordinator                                      Maciej Matuszewski

ICT Coordinator                                                           Catherine Bailey

Observer to Labour Group                                           Vin McIntyre

Political Education Coordinator                                    Harry Cross

Trade Union Liaison Coordinator                                 Simon Duncan

Youth and Students Coordinator                                  Harry Cross