The Bus Drivers for Arriva Durham Ltd. reluctantly started a week long strike on the 6th January after the company had failed to improve their pay offer. The Durham drivers are some of the lowest paid in the Arriva Group. The Bus Drivers are all member of the trade... read more
Tory Rail Rip-Off

Tory Rail Rip-Off

Labour Party members were out campaigning at Durham Rail Station on 2nd January. After another year of delays, cancellations and overcrowding on our trains, 2019 will see passengers short-changed again as the Tories allow train ticket prices to rise to record levels.... read more
Reverse Advent for Foodbanks

Reverse Advent for Foodbanks

In Homes across the County, cardboard doors are being opened in the traditional countdown to Christmas. While some are looking forward to gifts many families and children will be anticipating another bleak Christmas. In County Durham over 29,000 families have had to... read more
Brandon Lights

Brandon Lights

The Community in Brandon and Langley Moor are protesting against Durham County Council’s decision to remove street lights along Brandon¬† Lane. Parents say it makes the walk to and from school dangerous. Every day many people including children walk or cycle... read more


Jeremy Corbyn – Labour Party Leader

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Constituency All Member Meetings

The Labour Party is a democratic political party and all members can be involved in the decision making of your local Party.

The discussion include reports from our MP, County Councillors, a Political Education topic and policy motions proposed by members and Branches.

All meetings are held in Durham County Hall please come along and participate in Re-Building Britain for the Many and not the Few.

The last of the AMMs for 2018/19 has now taken place, and details of the 2019/20 meeting programme will be confirmed following the CLP AGM, which takes place on July 6th.

Why Build and Invest in Britain?

Seeking a fairer, more just and compassionate society

In June 2017, Roberta was re-elected as your Member of Parliament for the City of Durham.

Since then she has been tirelessly working to represent not just local people but taking an important national role. Roberta accepted the offer of Jeremy Corbyn to join the Shadow Cabinet with responsibility for Housing and Planning.

Roberta is an active local M.P. holding regular Surgeries, campaigning for individuals, businesses and charities in the area. If you want more information please contact her office by Telephone 0191 374 1915 or visit her website

Working together to fight cuts to our Public Services

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