Nevilles Cross

Your local Labour candidates for the Nevilles Cross ward, standing in this years Durham County Council elections in May are Brian Freeman and John Turnbull.

John and Brian are standing in the Nevilles Cross ward this May. As your local Labour team they are committed to working hard to build a thriving economy that works for everyone.

They understand the issues affecting Nevilles Cross, and know how a Labour led county council working in partnership with the residents and businesses of Nevilles Cross can help tackle the toughest challenges we face.

The Labour led County Council and our candidates have consulted widely with residents, community groups and businesses on a vision for our City and County. Since the closure of industries in the 80’s,10 years of Tory austerity, £280 million funding cuts and now the Covid pandemic we have an economic crisis. This has driven a rise in poverty, the use of Foodbanks, one in eight households requiring to claim Universal Credit, poor housing and health inequalities. We need an ambitious vision to correct these problems, a plan that puts people first, which enables everyone to reach their full potential, to offer young people the opportunity of work close to home, supporting our communities and taking action to protect our environment.

Only Labour has a plan or policies to achieve this, not once have the LibDems or Tories proposed a plan for County Durham which would tackle these issues.