Maura McKeon

Maura McKeon

Maura lives in Bowburn, and was elected to Durham County Council in 2017.  She is a Cassop-cum-Quarrington Parish Councillor, a governor at Kelloe Primary School, and Vice Chair of Cassop Primary School. 

Maura is a trustee of Bowburn Banner Group, Bowburn Community Partnership and the Bowburn Interchange, and has worked with St Helen’s Church at Kelloe and with Hett Village Hall to support their renovation plans. More recently, she has worked with Coxhoe Village Hall and the Parish Council to set up the new community pantry.

As a bus user, Maura is proud of the service improvements for which she has lobbied, including a new timetable and bus shelter upgrades, and she is eager to build on this record.  Her proudest achievements include a network of defibrillators across the area, as well as Bowburn’s Christmas lights. At the Council, she has been active on the Corporate Parenting Panel, and represented residents at numerous planning committees.

She has also taken a leading role in tackling family poverty and young people’s mental health issues.

When not representing our twelve villages, Maura cares for Kitty, her 91-year-old grandmother.