John Turnbull

Introducing John Turnbull

It is a privilege to have been selected to be a Labour Party candidate in the Nevilles Cross Division for the Durham County Council elections.

I was born in Littleburn, Langley Moor and have lived in the local area all my life working in the City and the surrounding area.

Having served on the City Council and County Council, I have a good understanding of local government and how you can make improvements in an area.   You deserve to be represented by Councillors who will have a strong voice in County Hall and who can effect changes for the better and not just be in opposition.  I have had several roles within the County Council and everyone knows I work well with people, building good relationships and always willing to listen to different opinions.

I will represent all residents of Nevilles Cross and will regularly consult with you and listen to your views.  I won’t be imposing my views but rather seeking to make the changes you agree with and support so together we can make a stronger and more vibrant community.