Demand for a Fair Council Tax System

Demand for a Fairer Council Tax System:

Council Tax is broken, with the poorest communities facing the heaviest tax burden.

As the Tory Government has cut central funding of local authorities it passes on the cost of essential services like social care, highways, public health, and refuse collection to local ratepayers through higher Council Tax Bills.

Here in County Durham, central government funding has been cut by over £230 million every year since 2010.  The County Council has attempted to protect key services, but it has still had to cut 3,000 jobs, local people who could have been in work.  Services have had to be cut, but to make-up the shortfall in funding, inevitably Council Tax has risen.  This year, although the Government permitted local authorities to increase council tax by 4.9%  the Labour-led Council kept that increase to just 2.9%.

Labour-led County Durham still offers the council tax-reduction scheme which provides support to those households on the lowest incomes.  However, it is unacceptable that a £150,000 value house in Framwellgate must pay as much council tax as a £1.5 million mansion in Surrey.  That is a fault of the system not the local authority.

We need real change, not empty words from the government about levelling up and rebuilding Britain. We need a fairer system for paying for council services than what we have now, we need the funding restored to the 2010 levels and what you pay needs to reflect the value of your property.

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