Constituency Labour Party Meetings – 2019-20

All Member Meetings

All Members and Registered Supporters are welcome and encouraged to attend these meetings. Meetings are all held at County Hall in Durham and provide the best way to be involved in the democratic decision making of our CLP and to take part in political discussion.

Friday 28th July 6pm – 8pm
Saturday 28th September 10am – Noon
Saturday 30th November 10am – Noon
Saturday 25th January 10am – Noon
Friday 27th March 2020, 6pm – 8pm
Friday 29th May 2020, 6pm – 8pm
Friday 31st July 2020, 6pm – 8pm


Campaigns & Fundraising Group Meetings

All members are welcome to attend these meetings:

Date Subject Times
18th October 2019 Campaign & Fundraising Committee 6:00pm
2nd November 2019 Campaign & Fundraising Committee 10:00am
7th December 2019 Campaign & Fundraising Committee 10:00am
1st February 2020 Campaign & Fundraising Committee 10:00am
4th April 2020 Campaign & Fundraising Committee 10:00am
7th May 2020 Polling Day Police & Crime Commissioner Election All Day
6th June 2020 Campaign & Fundraising Committee 10:00am

Business Committee Meeting, Durham County Hall, 18.00-20.00

All Officers, Co-ordinators and Branch Representatives are invited to attend.

  • Wednesday 31st July 7:00pm CLP Development Workshop
  • Friday 13th September 2019
  • Friday 11th October 2019
  • Friday 15th November 2019
  • Friday 10th January 2020
  • Friday 14th February 2020
  • Friday 13th March 2020
  • Friday 3rd April 2020
  • Friday 15th May 2020
  • Friday 3rd July 2020


CLP Annual General Meeting

The CLP Annual General Meeting takes place in the month of June each year.

The next AGM takes place on Saturday 13th June 2020 – 09.30-12.00 – County Hall.

The CLP is a delegate based meeting, and therefore you must be elected as a delegate by your Branch Labour Party (BLP) or affiliated organisation, in order to vote on any business. All members are entitled to attend as an observer, but may not vote. A full membership check will be in operation, and is a condition of participation in the meeting.