CLP vote unanimously in support of the Durham Teaching Assistants

The City of Durham CLP has voted unanimously in support of the Durham Teaching Assistants, at this mornings All Member Meeting, through motions submitted by the Sherburn and District, and Witton Gilbert branches. Whilst recognising the serious financial situation of the council due to the vicious Tory Government cuts, the motions call for Durham County Council to agree a process for collective regrading, and to resolve the dispute so that no Teaching Assistants are left in a worse financial position.

An addendum was also moved and unanimously agreed from the floor, which called for Durham County Council to pause the threat of dismissal.

Full text of both motions can be found below.

A) Sherburn and District Branch

“This Constituency asks both Durham County Council to re-open negotiations with the Teachers Assistants and their Trade Unions. We encourage both parties to negotiate in good faith to reach an acceptable agreement which recognises due to vicious Tory Government cuts the serious financial situation of the Council

  • that at the current time the Council could not afford to meet equal pay claims for other staff;
  • that the Teaching Assistants currently employed should be protected so they would be left in no worse financial position and this should be achieved by the Leader of Durham County Council working with recognised trade unions to agree a process for a collective regarding to be undertaken so that a fair and transparent process is adhered to.

We agree that the City of Durham CLP will encourage the MP for City of Durham and other County Durham MPs to work with recognised trade unions to explore and negotiated national terms and conditions for teaching assistants. We further agree to ask the aforesaid MPs to approach the relevant minister to review the Equal Pay and associated Equality legislation to ensure that any unintended negative impacts resulting in the said legislation resulting in low paid workers suffering unnecessary curtailments in their salaries, that those lines in the Act be removed or amended.”


B) Witton Gilbert Branch

“City of Durham CLP calls upon the council to further engage in negotiations with Teaching Assistants’ Unions to agree a process for collective regrading which ensures that the unique contribution Teaching Assistants make to children’s lives is valued and that no TA’s are left in a worse financial position.”

2 Replies to “CLP vote unanimously in support of the Durham Teaching Assistants”

  1. Wonderful true Labour support for workers defending their terms and conditions, regardless of who their employer is. Proud that our NW Durham CLP also unanimously carried a similar resolution. Congratulations also to Darlington CLP for unanimus support. Real Labour at its best.

  2. So pleased to have been able to support these motions. I have direct experience of the exact kind of restructuring process that DCC are proposing, and find it totally repugnant that DCC intend to reduce these highly supported hard working and respected Teaching Assistants pay by 23%. It would seriously harm these valued TA’s, In effect it will reduce many to a income lower than the minimum wage. A Labour council should never be responsible for the reduction of wages of some of the lowest earners in their operation, all excused by DCC as being in the name of equality.

    If you wonder like me how this can be termed equality. DCC searched for lowest paid examples of the TA’s in the country in order to align themselves with these equally deplorably low paying operators.

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