Labour offers Hope

With Labour there is Hope for a Better Future. After the last 7 years of Tory austerity, with increasing levels of poverty, the first decline in life expectancy for 100 years, a chronic housing shortage, a lack of investment in infrastructure and the Country in desperate need of a Pay increase only Labour is offering a positive set of policies.

Everyone of the above commitments is carefully costed and affordable. There is a far better future available for the Many and not just the few by supporting the transformational change which under Corbyn Labour is now offering. If you would like to read more about the policies behind these proposals download the policy document Labour Policies

Hope Campaign

On Saturday 30th September City of Durham Labour party Members were out campaigning to share with the public that with Labour there is Hope for a Better Future. Over 50 members attended the All Member Meeting and then went into Durham City to talk and share information with local residents, new students and visitors.

With Labour there is Hope for a Better Future with investment in our NHS, to stop the closure of hospitals, to reverse the privatisation and to stop the Sustainability & Transformation Plans – better known as ‘Slash, Trash & Privatise’. There are positive policies for young people, for working people with a promise of a real living wage of £10 per hour and a promise to the elderly to maintain free bus passes, winter fuel payments and invest in social care so everyone can live in dignity.

NHS Campaign Day

NHS Campaign Day

There is a crisis in our NHS from the privatisation of services, the chronic shortage of Nurses with over 40,000 vacancies, the Public Pay cap which devalues and demotivates the incredible NHS staff and the constant erosion of public accountability in how our health services are provided.

It was a Labour government which created the NHS, the first universal free health service anywhere in the world. Every international study since has shown it is the most efficient means to provide a health system. However, the Tories voted against its creation 70 years ago and they continue to seek to erode and privatise it.

At the end of August we arranged a NHS Campaign Day in Durham to highlight these issues, the response from the public was amazing, over 330 people signed our chart showing no confidence in Jeremy Hunt to protect our NHS. Over 150 people have now signed letters to send to Jeremy Hunt protesting about the NHS changes. You can download a copy of the NHS Letter to Jeremy Hunt please sign and post it to him.

And very importantly over 40 Labour Party members came along to support the Campaign, we had fun, with helium balloons, talking to people, leafleting and encouraging new members. Thank-you to everyone for your support.

The NHS is not unaffordable or unsustainable. It’s underfunded.

Bringing ‘I, Daniel Blake’ to the community

I, Daniel Blake film poster

The City of Durham Labour Party has been organising a number of screenings of the film, I, Daniel Blake over the past month. Some people Continue reading Bringing ‘I, Daniel Blake’ to the community