8th May 2022 Dear Mr. Holden, On or about the 26th April 2022, as reported in the Daily Mail on the 27th April 2022, you wrote to the Deputy Chief Constable of Durham Constabulary stating that the City of Durham Labour Party had advertised an “in person event” in the...

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What to do if you’re not receiving your Labour emails

Whether it’s national, regional or local, CLP or branch, your Labour Party emails help you stay connected to what’s happening. There are a number of reasons why you may not be receiving your emails; you may be “unsubscribed”, your email account...

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A Word from Mary Foy MP

A Word from Mary Foy MP

We have been through the toughest of years, but we are beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel, thanks to a community spirit which has made me enormously proud. Local community groups, businesses, shops, charities, trade unions and key workers have pulled...

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Coronavirus Support

Coronavirus Support

Coronavirus the biggest challenge to our communities since WW2 In response, Labour-led Durham County Council prioritised support for vulnerable people, community groups, social care providers, local businesses and our schools and colleges. Labour are committed to...

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Keir Starmer – Labour Party Leader

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Constituency All Member Meetings

The Labour Party is a democratic political party and all members can be involved in the decision making of your local Party.

The discussion include reports from our MP, County Councillors, a Political Education topic and policy motions proposed by members and Branches.

All meetings are held in Durham County Hall please come along and participate in Re-Building Britain for the Many and not the Few.

Details of our Meetings can be found here

Why Build and Invest in Britain?

Press Contact

Any press inquiries for The City of Durham Labour Party should be directed to our Chairperson, Sheila Williams Tel. 07709 720414 or by email to

Seeking a fairer, more just and compassionate society

In December 2019, Mary Foy was elected as your Member of Parliament for the City of Durham.

Since then she has been tirelessly working to represent not just local people but taking an important national role. Mary has been asked to be the Parliamentary Private Secretary to Andy McDonald as Shadow Secretary of State for Employment Rights and Protections.

Mary is actively responding to casework from her constituents and due to the current coronavirus restrictions is holding regular Telephone Surgeries. She is campaigning for individuals, businesses and charities in the area. If you want more information please contact her office by Telephone 0191 374 1915 or visit her website

Working together to fight cuts to our Public Services

Useful information regarding the Police & Crime Commissioner Elections, Durham County Council and for Covid information follow these links

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