Mary K Foy

Mary K Foy

The City of Durham Labour Party is pleased to announce that Mary Kelly Foy has been selected as our candidate in the forthcoming election. Mary is well known to many in Durham as she worked for many years with the Community Voluntary Service. Mary has 30 years...

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People before privilege

People before privilege

Britain is at a crossroads, the choice at the coming election is clear. Johnson’s conservatives are taking us towards a disastrous Brexit so the Tories can sell our rights and the NHS to Donald Trump and the USA? They only look after the privileged few and even...

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We are a Party of Campaigners

We are a Party of Campaigners

The Labour Party is not backed by millionaires but is powered by thousands of volunteers who give their time freely in order to build a fairer society.  There are so many ways to campaign and there is no better time to start than right now.  We appreciate the effort...

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Stop School Cuts

Stop School Cuts

Stop School Cuts Since 2010 Schools across County Durham have seen significant cuts in their real-term funding from Government Grants. On average every Primary School in County Durham has seen a cut of £120,000 and every Secondary School on average is £600,000 worse...

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Jeremy Corbyn – Labour Party Leader

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Constituency All Member Meetings

The Labour Party is a democratic political party and all members can be involved in the decision making of your local Party.

The discussion include reports from our MP, County Councillors, a Political Education topic and policy motions proposed by members and Branches.

All meetings are held in Durham County Hall please come along and participate in Re-Building Britain for the Many and not the Few.

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Why Build and Invest in Britain?

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Any press inquiries for The City of Durham Labour Party should be directed to our Chairperson, Sheila Williams Tel. 07709 720414 or by email to

Seeking a fairer, more just and compassionate society

In June 2017, Roberta was re-elected as your Member of Parliament for the City of Durham.

Since then she has been tirelessly working to represent not just local people but taking an important national role. Roberta accepted the offer of Jeremy Corbyn to join the Shadow Cabinet with responsibility for Housing and Planning.

Roberta is an active local M.P. holding regular Surgeries, campaigning for individuals, businesses and charities in the area. If you want more information please contact her office by Telephone 0191 374 1915 or visit her website

Working together to fight cuts to our Public Services

For information and news from the Police Commissioner, County Council or European Parliament click on the pictures below:

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acting Police, Victim & Crime Commissioner

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